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Title: GUIDING THE APPLICATION OF DOCUMENTS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (Systematizing Vietnamese legal documents on intellectual property and guiding the application of local legal documents intellectual property)

Publisher: Ho Chi Minh City National University

Editor: TS. Le Thi Nam Giang

Together with the authors: Mr. Nguyen Thi Hanh Le, CN. Vo Dang Phuong Thao, CN. Huynh Thanh Thinh

Book type: Tool books, legal instructions

ISBN: 978-604-73-3852-8 Weight: 850 grams

Cover type: Soft cover Size: 16 x 24 cm

Publish: 2016 Page number: 694


Books “INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION OF DOCUMENTS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (Systematizing Vietnamese legal documents on intellectual property intellectual property and instructions for application of intellectual property legal documents) ” by Dr. Le Thi Nam Giang (editor), providing effective and convenient tools for searching, learn and apply laws not only in legal research activities but also in the application of law.

The book is built not only on the basis of a collection of effective legal documents in the field of intellectual property but also built by instructions. Specifically, each article of the Intellectual Property Law and its guiding documents include decrees and circulars. Books are presented in the order of arrangement in the Intellectual Property Law 2005/2009 with 06 Sections, 18 Chapters, 222 Articles.

The book is an effective legal search tool for all subjects who want to learn about intellectual property laws, convenient for searching and understanding. and apply intellectual property laws.

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