Circular No. 16/2016 / TT-BKHCN dated June 30, 2016 of the Minister of Science and Technology amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 01/2007 / TT-BKHCN dated February 14, 2007 guiding the implementation of Decree No. 103/2006 / ND-CP detailing a number of articles of the Intellectual Property Law on industrial property, amended and supplemented under Circular No. 13/2010 / TT-BKHCN July 30, 2010, Circular No. 18/2011 / TT-BKHCN dated July 22, 2011 and Circular No. 05/2013 / TT-BKHCN dated February 20, 2013, take effect from the 15th January 2018.

Considering the necessity and convenience for users, AGL Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. has merged the Circular No. 01/2007 / TT-BKHCN, Circular No. 13/2010 / TT-BKHCN , Circular No. 18/2011 / TT-BKHCN, Circular No. 05/2013 / TT-BKHCN, Circular No. 16/2016 / TT-BKHCN.

Note that when extracting the law, the user must state the citation from the original circular where the law stipulates (or amend, supplement), without quoting from the consolidated documents in general because there is no basis. legal for consolidated documents.
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