December 12, the President’s Office held a press conference on the President’s Order publish the Law on Property Auction, the Law on Religious Beliefs and the Law on amendments and supplements to Article 6, Annex 4 on the List of conditional business lines of investment Law passed by the XIV National Assembly at the second session

At the press conference, about Amendment and supplementation of Article 6, Appendix 4 on List of investment industries conditional business of Investment Law , Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong said that in addition to the “Firecrackers business” sector is the prohibition of business investment according to As stipulated in Article 6 of the Investment Law, the Law also annulled 20 industries and trades which are not in accordance with the criteria and purposes stipulated in conditional business and investment sectors mentioned in Clause 1 Article 7 Investment Law or manageable industries by standards, technical standards or lines of business that, through review, are not defined as business lines.

Additional laws 15 conditional business lines and trades in accordance with the criteria and purposes specified in Clause 1, Article 7 of the Investment Law, at the same time, meet new requirements arising in the state management practices for business investment activities, including: equipment trading, camouflage software for recording and recording , locate; energy audit; production, assembly and import of automobiles; train and train marine crew members and organize recruitment and supply of marine crew members; specialized construction service business; business of managing and operating condominium services; business management services, operating cremation facilities; service of registering and maintaining domain names “vn”; civil code products and services business; education quality Accreditation; business services; business of building and reforming fishing vessels; providing services of assaying plant varieties and animal breeds; business of hydro-meteorological forecasting and warning services; basic survey service business, planning consultancy, scheme, reporting water resources.

The law also systematizes, splits, merges a number of industries and professions with the same nature and objectives to ensure consistency in state management, at the same time, modify the names of a number of industries and trades to accurately and fully meet the conditions for business investment in such industries and trades in order to enhance the transparency and feasibility of legal system, facilitating people and businesses to comply with business investment conditions. Accordingly, 67 industries were amended, separated and merged into 48 branches.

The law takes effect from January 1, 2017, except for the regulations on 2 investment industries Conditional business takes effect from July 1, 2017, including: “Trading in camouflage equipment and software for recording, recording, positioning” and “Manufacturing, assembling and importing car ”.

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About the Property Auction Law, Deputy Minister of Justice Nguyen Khanh Ngoc said the adjustment scope of the Auction Law properties that require auctioned assets include assets that are required by law to be auctioned and assets owned by organizations or individuals that voluntarily choose to sell through auction.

For properties that are required by law to be sold through auctions, the Law lists specific types of assets This is based on reviewing regulations in specialized laws to ensure publicity and transparency, serving as a basis for organizations and individuals to comply with the order and procedures stipulated in the law on property auction when selling. auction those assets.

The basic content of the Law also specifies the principles of property auctions and prohibited acts auctioneer, auction organization and order, auction procedures for assets …

Introducing the basic contents of the Law on Belief and Religion, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Trong Thua said The Law on Belief and Religion concretizes the provisions of Article 24 The 2013 Constitution “Everyone has the right to freedom of belief and religion, to follow or not to follow a religion”. The law also stipulates that the people who exercise freedom, belief and religion are all people (Item 1 Article 6).

About a number of new points compared to the Ordinance on Beliefs and Religions prescribed in Chapter II of the Law on Belief and Religion religion, freedom of religious beliefs include 4 articles regulating freedom of religious beliefs of all people; rights of religious organizations and affiliated religious organizations; the right to freedom of belief and religion of foreigners legally residing in Vietnam; obligations of organizations and individuals in exercising freedom of belief and religion.

Under the Law of Belief and Religion, one of the prerequisites for an organization to be recognized as an organization That religion is an organization that must have a stable and continuous religious activity for 5 years or more from the date of being granted a religious registration certificate.

Download amended and supplemented investment law documents here.


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