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– AGL IP is a professional IP attorney fully equipped with Industrial Property Representation Service- Practicing Certificates issued by the NOIP, Plant Variety Representation Service- Practicing Certificates issued by the Department of Crop Production and the Copyright, Copyright- related Rights Representation Service- Practicing Certificates issued by the Copyright of Vietnam.

– AGL is a IP attorney with a team of well-experienced professionals in IP aspect, of which Ass. Prof. Dr Le Thi Nam Giang is now the Director position of the IP Center of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, the General Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City IP Asociation and a leading IP lecturer and consultant.

Therefore, we have received great trust from famous enterprises that have choosen us as their IP attorney including: Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Milk Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk), MILAN Stationery Corporation (Italy)…

– We provide IP services with an aim to sustainable development of enterprises, which helps them identify right IP objects in their IP assets to be protected. Sustainable development of enterprises is shown in such aspects as: conducting optimal exploitation and protection of IP rights, avoiding infringement to IP rights of other enterprises.

Business activities are always associated with the exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights under two angles:

(i) is the owner of the objects of intellectual property rights;

(ii) exploit the intellectual property rights of other entities.

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Brand is one of the most valuable assets of the business, is an important component of the brand, showing the prestige and stature of the business. Understanding the value of trademark protection, AGL provides a trademark registration service in Vietnam and abroad. AGL’s industrial property representatives and intellectual property experts with profound legal knowledge and practical experience will offer optimal solutions, including but not limited to: See more

  • Conduct patent lookup to assess the patentability of the invention;
  • Advise customers to choose patent protection: patent protection or utility solutions;
  • Customer representative prepares applications for patent protection / utility solution;
  • Representing customers to file an application for patent / utility solution at Vietnam Intellectual Property Department; monitor application status and solve problems arising in the process of establishing rights;
  • Customer representatives conduct renewal of validity of patent protection / utility solutions;
  • Customer representative proceeds to amend and supplement information in the patent / utility solution application and in patent / utility solution patent. ; …

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  • Conduct a search to assess the protection ability of an industrial design;
  • Advise customers to choose an industrial protection plan;
  • Customer representative prepares the application file for industrial design protection;
  • Representing customers to submit applications for registration of industrial designs in Vietnam and abroad, monitoring the status of applications and resolving issues born in the process of establishing rights;
  • The client representative proceeds to file an extension of the title of industrial design protection; …

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Under international law and Vietnamese law, copyright and copyright (related rights) registration is not a compulsory procedure to giving rise to the rights of authors and copyright holders for literary, artistic, scientific works or related rights. However, in the case of conducting copyright and related rights registration procedures at the Vietnam Copyright Office, the author and / or copyright and related rights holders will have a solid legal basis for protection of your rights in the case of copyright or related rights is violated.

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In order to support customers in a comprehensive and effective way of commercial exploitation and protection of their intellectual property rights, AGL provides the following services:

  • Strategic intellectual property consulting for businesses;
  • Develop regulations on intellectual property management for businesses and documents on implementing intellectual property management of enterprises;
  • Advise on building an enterprise’s intellectual property database for the purpose of administering and exploiting these assets;
  • Organize internal training programs to ensure effective implementation of the exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises.
  • Advice on protection for plant varieties;
  • Complete the application file for plant variety protection certificate
  • Apply for a certificate of protection, translate and / or guide the completion of a technical declaration, and conduct procedures to apply for a plant variety protection certificate new;
  • Representing customers to appeal a decision of the New Plant Variety Protection Office including objections, petitions to change decisions;
  • Advise and represent customers in registering new plant variety protection abroad.
  • Represents the IP right holder before a competent state authority protects the rights of these IPs when infringed upon, including but not limited to by investigating, preventing violations, resolving infringement claims
  • Representing the customer to sue in court to protect the IP rights of the customer;
  • Drafting, editing the transfer contract of invention / utility solution, trademark, industrial design …;
  • Editing, editing and binding license licenses (transfer of use rights) marks, inventions / utility solutions …;
  • Consulting, participating in negotiations to grant the right to exploit copyright, rights related to copyright, drafting contracts and implementing documents;
  • Edit and edit the franchise contract;
  • Drafting and editing contracts for capital contribution with intellectual property rights.

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