In in 2000, the member countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) decided to take 26 months 4 every year is the World Intellectual Property Day. Since then, the Director-General of WIPO has annually released the World Intellectual Property Day Message to all member states in appreciation to artists and creators as well as to enhance knowledge about the facility. intellectual property.

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property 2016, General Director of WIPO has issued a Message with the topic “Digital Creation: Cultural Reenactment”. Below is a translation of the Message content:


2016 World Intellectual Property Day – Digital creation: Cultural re-enactment

World Intellectual Property Day 2016 – Digital Creation: Recreating Culture

When the dawn in Caracas, the screenwriter woke up and was inspired, she reached for her tablet. Ideas to fly to partners rehearsing at a Theater in London’s West End. Words, pictures, stories and lines flashed and gradually improved. The script for a new film about a global pandemic, drug warfare, corruption of high-level characters sent to the mailbox of the Hollywood film producer, the producer immediately contacted the partners. in Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing and Berlin. Successful transactions, guaranteed funding, distribution channels approved.

The recording begins: the external scene in Ouarzazate, the indoor scene in Brooklyn, the special effect from Bangkok. The soundtrack was added: it was a hot dynamic sound from Rio, the car horn in Lagos, the sound of strings in Prague. The theme song melody has come to many fans of small screen shows as well as big screens everywhere in the world …

Movies, TV, music, books, art, video games – in short, all cultural products – have long crossed the border. However, the WiFi era is changing the way cultural products are created, distributed and enjoyed in the market, it has gone far beyond national borders. The more convenient access technology has removed physical barriers, enabling the ability to collaborate around the world at the fingertips of every artist and creator, while nurturing imagination. with new methods. The creative explosion of numbers brings great benefits to digital consumers. We can read, can view and can listen to the works of countless creators around the world from anywhere, at any time in the way we want.

Recreate the culture – the way we create, the way we approach it, and the way we invest in culture – not without challenges. And the challenge of an flexible and adaptable intellectual property system is how to ensure that artists and creative industries in our digital world can receive remuneration. commensurate with their works, so that they can continue to be creative. So, on this year’s World Intellectual Property Day, we will explore some of the issues surrounding the future of culture. We will talk to creative experts in the digital market, with creators themselves to understand their views on future trends. Join us in open forum programs on Facebook ( https: // ). And the first program has just begun.


(Theo COV)

World IP Day 2016 – Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined

Sunrise in Caracas, a writer awakens, inspired, and reaches for her tablet. Her idea lands with her collaborator in London, rehearsing in a West End theatre. Words, images, plot-lines and dialogue flash back and forth. A treatment for a new series – a global pandemic, drug cartels, high level corruption – hits the inbox of a Hollywood showrunner, who calls contacts in Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing and Berlin. Deals are cut, funds secured, distribution channels agreed.

Shooting begins: Outside scenes in Ouarzazate, interiors in Brooklyn, special effects from Bangkok. A soundtrack is added: a sizzling gumbo of rhythms from Rio and horns from Lagos, with a topping of Prague strings. The theme tune goes viral as fans stream the show on screens of every size, in every corner of the globe…

Films, TV, music, books, art, video-games –cultural works, in short– have long crossed borders. But the WiFi era is transforming how consumable culture is created, distributed and enjoyed in markets that are expanding far beyond national boundaries. Ever more accessible digital technologies have swept away physical constraints, placing a world of cross-cultural collaboration at the fingertips of every artist and creator, feeding the imagination in new ways. And with this blooming of digital creativity comes the boon to the digital consumer. We read, watch and listen to the works of countless creators across the world wherever, whenever and however we want.

Reimagining culture – how we create it, how we access it, and how we finance it – is not without challenges. And the challenge of a flexible, adaptive intellectual property system is to help ensure that the artists and creative industries in our digital universe can be properly paid for their work, so they can keep creating. So for World IP Day this year, we’re exploring some of the issues surrounding our cultural future. We’ll be talking to experts on creativity in the digital market, and to creators themselves, to find out where they think we’re heading. Join us on Facebook as the story unfolds. Season One is just starting.

(According to WIPO)