“McDonald’s won a lawsuit in the EU court, from then on, no company is allowed to use the word Mc or Mac as a prefix in names call their food or beverage product “

mac or mc

In the trial in the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, the law is about the big American fast food maker McDonald. At the trial of the second highest court (the European Union’s second-highest court) in the European Union in Luxembourg on May 5, McDonald’s corporation was awarded a copy of the complaint-related lawsuit (copycat ) brand with another Singapore food company called Future Enterprises with a registered trademark.

In 2008 Future Enterprises filed an application for the trademark “MACCOFFEE” as a trademark in the EU for their food and beverage products. Two years later, this trademark application was approved by the European Union Intellectual Property Office based in Alicante, Spain.

 mac coffee

McDonald’s then complains about the brand because it believes that the brands that McDonald has registered in the EU with dozens of different products all use money. “Mc” or “Mac” elements in their product names such as McFish, McToast, McRib …


The European Union’s Intellectual Property Office accepts complaints and in 2013 reversed the previous approval decision with the trademark registration application of Future Enterprises Singapore.

Future Enterprises decided to appeal to the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg. . In the ruling issued on May 5-7, the Luxembourg court ruled to protect McDo as the French-speaking countries often call McDonald’s names.

Accordingly, the notice of the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg confirms: “According to the European Court of First Instance, the reputation of McDonald’s brands makes it possible to prevent preventing the registration of brands that use the “Mac” or “Mc” prefix in the name of the food or beverage products “.

Also according to this ruling, despite the fact that Future Enterprises sells foods different from McDonald’s, use the brand “MACCOFFEE”, but “still available a certain similarity “in the brand

(Source: www.thestreet.com)