Consulting optimal method for establishing and protecting IP rights.

Business activities are always associated with the exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights under two angles:

(i) is the owner of intellectual property rights objects;

(ii) exploit the intellectual property rights of other entities

Depending on the area of ​​your business, the size and level of operations of your business, you may have intellectual property objects that are legal protection, including: trademarks; invention; Industrial Designs; integrated circuit layout design; tradenames; geographical indications; Business Secrets; plant varieties, rights against unfair competition; copyright for literature, art, scientific works and copyright-related rights (rights of performers, recording and broadcasting organizations …); rights to plant varieties.

To help businesses protect and exploit the best commercial intellectual property rights, AGL recommends that customers choose the optimal plan to set up and protect their rights. Intellectual property, closely associated with business strategy and brand development strategy of each business. AGL advises customers to identify their own intellectual property, thereby determining the most effective ways to protect these intellectual properties. For example, for company logos, based on regulations and legal practices of enterprises, AGL will advise clients in which schools need to protect as a trademark, which needs to be protected under copyright form, in case of protection in both forms. Or for technical solutions, AGL will advise customers to choose a protection option in the form of a patent or patent for a utility or protection solution in the form of a business secret …

In case an organization or individual wants to protect intellectual property objects abroad, AGL will advise on registration procedures for protection (registration International or national registration) on household protection market selection is in line with the business and financial plan of the business and provides overseas registration services.

AGL also provides services to help businesses avoid infringing intellectual property rights of other entities in their business operations.

Business registration procedure:
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Product barcode registration process:
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Procedures for registration of protection of intellectual property objects (logos, product packages, goods labels …):
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