Service of Copyrights and Copyright-related Rights

Under international law and Vietnamese law, copyright registration and copyright (related rights) registration is not a compulsory procedure to give rise to the rights of authors and / or owners. copyright for literary, artistic, scientific works or related rights. However, in the case of conducting copyright and related rights registration procedures at the Vietnam Copyright Office, the author and / or copyright and related rights holders will have a solid legal basis for the protection of your rights in case copyright or related rights are violated.

AGL’s copyright representatives, copyright-related rights and intellectual property experts with deep legal knowledge and practical experience will offer optimal solutions, including but not limited to in services:

  • Advise and represent customers to establish and protect copyright and related rights;
  • Representing customer complaints and requesting invalidation of copyright registration certificates in case of infringing upon the rights of customers;
  • The client side carries out measures to protect copyright and related rights

Documents required by the application (NOIP): 
See details PL7


Business registration procedures: Click here

Procedures for registration of product barcode numbers: Click here

Procedures for registration of protection of intellectual property objects (logos, product packages, goods labels …): Click here


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