Services of Invention registration

– Conduct patent information search to assess the patentability of the invention;

– Advise customers to choose patent protection: protection in the form of inventions or utility solutions;

– Customer representative prepares applications for patent protection / utility solution;

– Represent customers to submit an application for patent / utility solution at Vietnam Intellectual Property Department; monitor the status of applications and solve problems arising in the process of establishing rights;

– The representative of the customer proceeds to extend the validity of the patent for the invention / utility solution;

– Customer representative makes amendments and supplements to information in the patent / utility solution application and in patent / patent solution useful;

– The representative of the customer carries out the procedure of withdrawing the application, canceling the application, separating the patent application;

– The representative of the customer carries out the objection procedure and claims the patent / utility registration in case the registration can violate the rights of customers;

– A representative of the customer conducting an application for a copy of the protection title or a certified copy of the information on the national register of industrial property;

– The customer representative proceeds to register the transfer of the right to use or the ownership of the invention / utility solution;

– Customer representatives conduct complaints, cancel validity of protection titles and appropriate measures to protect intellectual property rights for inventions / useful solutions;

– Consultant and client representative conduct procedures for international patent registration under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on registration of international patent protection ;

– And other related issues.

Single documents required (NOIP): see PL3 details

Registration procedure / process (NOIP): see PL4 details


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