Services of Trademark registration

Brand is one of the most valuable assets of the business, is an important component of the brand, showing the prestige and stature of the business. Understanding the value of trademark protection, AGL provides trademark registration services in Vietnam and abroad. AGL’s industrial property agent and intellectual property experts have deep legal knowledge and practical experience that will provide optimal solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Advise on the ability to register for protection and use of trademarks;
  • Look up for trademark protection;
  • Represent customers (under authorization) to apply for trademark protection at competent authorities of Vietnam and abroad;
  • The client’s representative will extend the validity of the trademark protection title;
  • Customer representatives conduct amendments and additions to information in the trademark registration application and in the trademark protection title;
  • Customer representative performs procedures for withdrawing applications, canceling applications, separating applications for trademark registration;
  • Customer representatives carry out procedures to protest and complain about trademark registration in case that registration may violate the rights of customers;
  • The representative of the customer proceeds to register a copy of the protection title or a certified copy of the information on the national register of industrial property;
  • The representative of the customer proceeds to register the transfer of the right to use or trademark ownership;
  • The representative of the customer makes complaints, disables protection titles and appropriate measures to protect intellectual property rights over trademarks;
  • Advise and represent customers to carry out international trademark registration procedures under the Madrid Protocol and Madrid Agreement on trademark registration;
  • Advice and customer representatives establish rights to certification marks and collective marks.

    Documents required by the application (NOIP):
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    Registration process / process (NOIP):
    See details about PL2


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