Startup Show 2017 is a series of programs in the task of “Supporting activities and linking organizations to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. creative ”under the Scheme to support the national ecosystem of innovation innovation until 2017 (Project 844) organized by the Youth Start-up Center – BSSC on December 15, in Ho Chi Minh City Intelligent.

Overview of the Startup Show 2017 event
Every businessman – a teacher

With the leading role in supporting start-up activities following the activities of Startup Day program in August 2017, the 2017 Startup Show series organized by BSSC will create opportunities for young Startupers to have strong connection and development environment.

The 2017 Startup Show is an opportunity for start-up communities in Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country to meet, interact and learn and seek potential investors and customers to accompany and support the project. me

Starting a business has been a trend that many young people want to pursue. In Vietnam, the Startup market has never been so exciting and noticed as it is today. Starting a business is an important stage in forming an entrepreneur, a generation of entrepreneurs. In order to convey knowledge and business experience; companion, nurture and lead start-up projects; narrow the gap and shorten the start-up time; limiting the unnecessary risks in the start-up process, BSSC organized a series of programs in the task of “Supporting activities and linking organizations to promote entrepreneurship and innovation”.

At the 2017 Startup Show, many programs, such as the program “Every entrepreneur – A teacher” took place. The program aims to bring the message that every young entrepreneur can become a teacher of a generation of young people starting a business and at the same time every young person starting a business needs a person to understand, share and support them through. difficult stages of starting a business.

Sharing about the program, Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Director of BSSC, said that while mastering the knowledge learned in the school, the young people still cannot become an entrepreneur. Therefore, the start-up process of young people today is mostly failure, experience … and then draw experience. Therefore, BSSC will connect to young people with ideas and start-up projects that can invite the companionship of entrepreneurs or industry experts. It may be inviting capital, inviting investment or simply asking for advice, helping to limit the risks that you may encounter.

Change game

In the framework of the 2017 Startup Show event, in the afternoon of December 15, BSSC organized the Vietnam Young Leaders Forum – Vietnam Young Leaders Forum, with the participation of more than 600 young Vietnamese leaders in an attractive talk show. with the theme “Change The Game”. The event helps businesses, entrepreneurs and investors capture the trend, strengthen competitive advantages to change the future and appearance of Vietnam’s economic sectors in the digital technology era.

The development of technology has changed the thinking and approach of business managers. The advantage we have today will gradually be replaced by tomorrow’s trends. The new trend has opened up challenges for businesses in traditional businesses and the difference in the core competencies of startups in technology playgrounds.

2017 witnessed a very strong start-up wave, especially through the use of technology platforms to create rapid growth and change the traditional business context to a more modern direction. If people previously thought that the markets were already very old and the “big men” had dominated the whole, small businesses and had no chance to rise then now the opposite still has the opportunity to take place. .

Making good use of the foundation of technology and changing business models is the key to making big changes in business. To demonstrate this, we can see, a number of prestigious brands in the world for more than a decade in the fields of digital technology to retail, media … in turn. erased before the rise of IoT applications (Everything connected). For example, Yahoo or the famous Time Warner Cable … The most recent story of traditional taxi firms before the battle with technology applications in the transport sector.

According to Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi – BSSC Director said: “The program provides opportunities for young leaders to approach new thinking, learn and share together the experiences of many generations of entrepreneurs, Vietnamese startups are typical, thereby inspiring a strong inspiration for creative startups and a positive action thinking among young people today ”.

Mr. Lam Ngoc Minh – Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneur Association Ho Chi Minh said: In the context of technology is becoming an inevitable part in most areas, Artificial Interligence (AI) is received will be present in all areas of social life, any start-up enterprise facing such rapid growth, slow change will become obsolete and can become expensive lessons. Start-up businesses that are ready and ready for this “wave” can master their own game.

Startups introduce products at the exhibition in the 2017 Startup Show

Startups participating in the Startup Show 2017 receive advice and support from startup consultants

Tera App – 1 of 3 Excellent Projects in the Capital Call Arena

At the Startup Show 2017, there are many interesting activities such as: Startup Exhibition – exhibition event introducing products; Startup Battle – Calling capital fund creates opportunities for Startups to perfect their presentation skills to attract investors right in the first meeting, opening up opportunities for them to continue to study in-depth and invest resources for development of the project. 03 outstanding projects out of a total of 10 participating Calling Capital projects have received the Investment Connectivity Award including the startup CEO course and the Investment Support Project of the Business Incubator Project. BSSC children.

In addition, BSSC also held a sharing session on Innovation Innovation Trends and a successful turning point for young people, contributing to sharing experiences on entrepreneurship innovation, opportunities for breakthroughs and successes. on the road to entrepreneurial innovation.


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